Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Ways Financier Aims to Reduce Predatory Lending Practices

1. We only lend to individuals earning above $500/week after tax

We perform credit checks to confirm the applicant's financial standing

We do not lend to pensioners

4. We do not lend to bankrupts

We do not lend to contractors or the self employed

The average age of our clients is 34

The average salary of a client is $33,000

Financier restructures loans for up to 3 months to aid in repayment should a person fall into financial difficulty. No further penalties are charged.

We will not adversely affect a customer's credit at first sign of trouble; rather we will work with the person and only list a default if the person is unreachable and only ever as an absolute last resort.

We provide a positive, transparent and sophisticated environment for our online borrowers.

W: www.financiercorp.com
E: info@financiercorp.com
T: 1300 383 955

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